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The juicy bright orange - red colour of Vanadinite crystals makes it a highly desirable addition to any crystal or mineral collectors cabinet. 

What is Vanadinite?

Vanadinite is a mineral composed of lead, vanadium, oxygen, and chlorine and its eye catching bright crystals are typically small and hexagonal in shape, generally under 10mm in size. Larger crystals of Vanadinite are found, but they are much rarer. It's also worth noting that the larger the crystal, then generally the deeper the colour, so much so with Vanadinite that the juicy reds and oranges that are so evident in smaller crystals can appear almost black when the crystal reaches the larger sizes.

Where is it found?

Vanadinite is most commonly found in arid, desert environments, where it forms as a secondary mineral in the oxidation zone of lead deposits. It was first discovered in 1801 in Mexico, and has since been found in various other locations around the world, including Morocco, the United States, and Australia. Some of the most desirable, high quality Vanadinite on the market at the moment is found in Mibladen, Morocco.

The color of the classic red-orange (although sometimes also yellow or brown) comes from the presence of vanadium, which substitutes for some of the lead atoms in the crystal lattice. The shape of the crystal is also very distinctive - Vanadinite's crystals are small but distinct, with a hexagonal shape and a beautiful adamantine lustre. The crystals are usually found in clusters or druses, often growing on Baryte (especially the Moroccan specimens).

Although it is primarily of interest to collectors, Vanadinite is also used in small amounts as an ore of vanadium, which is an important industrial metal used in the production of steel and other alloys. However, the amount of vanadium in vanadinite is usually too small to make it a significant source of the metal.

Vanadinite Metaphysical Properties include:
- Excellent aid for writers
- Stimulates the intellect
- Boosts energy levels
- Helps you to save money by calming overspending
- Helps you to be more organised

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