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Blue Rose Quartz

So what is Blue Rose Quartz? This new discovery from Madagascar first appeared on the market sometime in early 2021, and at first glance sounds very contradictory. Rose Quartz is pink right? So wouldn't it be a different crystal altogether?

Blue Rose Quartz is the name given to a type of Quartz that has a varying base colour from a deep pink Rose Quartz through to a milky Girasol, but what makes it special is the blue 'glow' that is seems to emit, which is made much stronger in sunlight. In some pieces, electric blue "zigzags" of tiny fibres seem to be visible as well that shimmer in the sunlight! This phenomena also seems to extend to some examples of Smoky Quartz, which are a much darker based Quartz which also shows the blue 'glow'.

The Blue Rose Quartz glow disappears when the Quartz is backlit, showing you only the base colour of the Quartz, so what causes it? The wonderful folks over at Little Lemuria sent some off for testing to get to the bottom of it for us lot who don't have as easy access to a lab. First results indicated that the blue glow effect was possibly caused by a light scattering through particles which is known as Rayleigh Scattering, which is the same optical effect which makes the sky appear blue.

However, slightly more aggressive testing showed that these fibres that are visible to the naked eye in some pieces instead turned out to be the culprit - tiny Dumortierite fibres coupled with the presence of Titanium and Iron, giving these pieces the wonderful blue glow of "Blue" Rose Quartz. 

Find our collection of Blue Rose Quartz & Smoky Blue Quartz here.

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