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DIY Crystal Baubles

Christmas is a great time for DIY craft projects, and our Crafting Queen Emily here at The CC suggested that crystal baubles would be a fun thing to have a go at. You can buy single crystal baubles online from £8 and up, but you can make them yourself much more cheaply! 

Aura Quartz Crystal Bauble

For our crystal baubles, we've used mostly crystal chips, but you can also use small tumbles (check they'll fit through the neck of the bauble), glitter, paper decorations, feathers, small bits of tinsel - anything that takes your fancy! You can also colour code them so that they match the rest of your trees colour theme (if you have one).

To start with, you'll need some self-fill baubles, the easiest and quickest way to get these is Amazon, though The Works in the UK also often have some in store if you have a local one. There are two types of self fill baubles - one type which splits apart in the middle so you can get larger items in, and one which you fill from the top. Personally I prefer the top fill ones, as you don't have the seam running around the outside, and you also don't risk them splitting open if they get too heavy and crystal chips going everywhere! You can get a pack of 12 x 6cm clear top fill baubles for just over £1 each on Amazon:

Next, choose your filling! Get as creative as you want with this, if you're using crystal chips then you can either use a full 50g bag like I did to create a half full Aura Quartz bauble (a fully filled bauble with crystal chips is too heavy to hang nicely on the tree - we recommend 25% - 50% full depending on the look you're going for). You can also mix the chips in with other items (Aura Quartz & white feathers is a fave combo of mine!), create layers or a mixture of a few types of chips, or even get super ambitious and carefully bluetack longer crystal points in like Stu did in the picture below, and then surround with chips. Depending on what you choose to fill them, you could have your own themed crystal baubles from under £3 each!

Larimar Quartz Crystal Bauble

You can find all our crystal chips here, we have a huge selection to cover all colour themes!

We'd love to see your bauble designs! Why not come and join us on social media and share your creations:

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