Crystals grow in an amazing variety of shapes and sizes, and for thousands of years mankind has been carving and polishing them into different shapes. All of these different shapes affect how the energy of the crystals is transferred, so this guide will be a short introduction to the different crystal shapes and their meaning.


Some crystals grow in Geode formations, that is to say a cluster of crystals inside a rock shell. Crystals commonly found in geode form include Quartz, Agate, Amethyst and Celestite. Due to the cave-like form, they hold and amplify the energy within themselves and gently release it.


A sphere emits all the energy from the crystal equally in all directions. Quartz spheres or “crystal balls” have been used for centuries as windows through time in a practise called scrying.


Egg shapes are very comforting to hold in the hand, and can help relieve stress. They help to address and rebalance energy blockages in the body. They are also a key fertility symbol.


Cubic crystals are very grounding and help to stabilise energy and cement intention. Cubes can either be naturally occurring, such as Fluorite and Pyrite, or polished into a cube shape.


Pyramid crystals amplify and then focus energy through the central tip of the crystal, making them an excellent centre for crystal grids and for manifestation work. They are also used for Chakra work and drawing off negative energy. Apophyllite tips are natural pyramid shapes, but many crystals are polished into pyramids.


The window cut into Seer Stones is said to reveal inner worlds. It is an excellent scrying aid, and also aids with learning more about the inner self.


A wand crystal is shaped to have a point at one end and are traditional healing tools of crystal healers and shamans. The tip allows energy to be focused very tightly and are best used in healing when set with intention beforehand.


Caroline Smith

Caroline Smith

I agree with Natasha. I too am new to collecting crystals and stones. This is the only website that isnt confusing. Hope to read more tips and help.
Thank You

Natasha Smith

Natasha Smith

Thank you for writing this. I’ve been searching for an article as simple as this for months! And would you believe that there’s nothing else out there?? I’m new so I’m learning…so thank you ❤️🌟🎊 keep these simple tips coming. I’ll keep reading

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