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Best Crystals for Depression

Depression feels like a weight on you that doesn't necessarily have an obvious cause, having suffered with it myself I know how frustrated and empty it can leave you feeling. Many people turn to exploring alternative therapies in conjunction with traditional medicine, and many start exploring crystals - some of our most frequently asked questions are what crystals we recommend for depression. 

In this blog, we'll explore some of the best crystals for depression, each with its own unique properties that can help contribute to a sense of calm, balance, and overall emotional well-being to lift you out of the empty pit and start moving forward in life. I think it's worth noting that although anxiety and depression are often linked together, for this blog I have separated the two, as the normal Lepidolite, White Howlite and Blue Calcite that I would tend to recommend for anxiety aren't, I feel, the best choices in dealing with depression, as it's not the calming influence we are looking for necessarily.

  1. Gold Sheen Obsidian and Picture Stone: Locating the Root of Problems

    • Properties: Gold Sheen Obsidian and Picture Stone are powerful crystals known for their ability to assist in locating the root causes of emotional issues. They work by helping to dissolve negativity and promoting self-reflection.
    • How they help: By encouraging introspection, these crystals can aid individuals in understanding and addressing the underlying issues contributing to their depression.
    • How to use: Meditate with these crystals, carry them as pocket stones, or place them near your bed for a continuous healing energy.
  2. Bloodstone: Grounding and Protective Energies

    • Properties: Bloodstone is a grounding crystal that also offers protective energies. It is believed to enhance strength and courage while promoting mental clarity.
    • How it helps: The grounding properties of Bloodstone can help individuals connect with the present moment, fostering a sense of stability and security.
    • How to use: Wear Bloodstone as jewelry, carry it in your pocket, or place it on your desk to benefit from its stabilizing influence.
  3. Mookaite: Soothing Loneliness and Building Self-Esteem

    • Properties: Mookaite is renowned for its soothing energies, particularly in addressing feelings of loneliness. It is also associated with building self-esteem and aiding in forward momentum.
    • How it helps: Mookaite's nurturing vibrations can provide comfort during challenging times, while its ability to enhance self-esteem encourages a positive outlook on life.
    • How to use: Place Mookaite under your pillow, carry it with you, or create a calming ritual by meditating with this crystal.

If you're interested, why not take a look at our specially curated Crystals for Depression Set. 

This set includes the crystals outlined above - Gold Sheen Obsidian, Picture Stone, Bloodstone, and Mookaite. These powerful crystals designed to work together in addressing various aspects of depression.

While crystals are not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment, many people find comfort and support in incorporating them into their lives, whether as a seasoned crystal healer or as a complete beginner in the crystal field who just wants to explore a new side of themselves. However please remember to seek immediate medical assistance if necessary.

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