Fuchsite, also called Chrome Mica, is a sparkling green variety of Muscovite, with Chromium giving it the distinctive colour, the more Chromium present, the deeper the green. This green sparkle is what gives Green Aventurine the green glitteying appearance. It was named after German mineralogist Johann Von Fuchs. Ruby crystals are sometimes found growing within Fuchsite, with a distinctive ring of Blue Kyanite around them.

In Brazil, Fuchsite was considered to be a gift from the Pagan Sea Goddess Lemanja. Healers have traditionally associated this crystal with nature and energy, calling it the 'Healer Stone'. 

Fuchsite Metaphysical Properties include:
- Stimulating the mind
- Aids with problem solving
- Helps to bring a new perspective
- Encourages joy and laughter into your life
- Helps you to forgive and promotes understanding

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