Genuine Larimar gem chip elasticated bracelet.  These bracelets are quite stretchy so will fit most wrists up to around 7 inches. 

Larimar is a very rare variety of pectolite, coloured blue by Copper, that can only be found in the Dominican Republic. It is also known as the Atlantis Stone, due to the belief that the Dominican Republic was once part of the lost continent of Atlantis.

The discovery of Larimar was foretold 30 years earlier by the prophet Edgar Cayce, who said that a blue stone would be found on a Caribbean island that was a powerful healing and communication crystal.

Larimar is photosensitive, which means it will fade if frequently exposed to light. When it is not being used or worn, store it in a dark place. 

Larimar Metaphysical Properties include:
- Strong connection to the sky and the sea
- Promotes relaxation and calm
- Strong ability to ease anxiety
- Connects to the Throat Chakra
- Eases communication issues
- Excellent for meditating and communicating with higher realms
- Helps to let go of destructive emotions and behaviours
- Aids in spiritual development
- Helps achieve calm and restful sleep

Larimar Gemchip Bracelet

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