This specimen has a sneaky Cuprite crystal hiding in matrix, and peeking it's head out! You will receive the exact crystal pictured. 

Weight: 73g
Size: 61mm x 37mm

Cuprite is named after the Latin for Copper, due to its Copper content, but it is not the green or blue associated with most Copper minerals. Many cut gems sold as Cuprite are in fact other stones that have been dyed the deep red of true Cuprite, for its softness means that Cuprite does not make an ideal gemstone.

Cuprite Metaphysical Properties include:
Increases determination and willpower
Boosts energy levels and vitality
Very calming and grounding, helping to remove stress
Connects you to the energy of our planet and nature
Helps you to own your life, and to work through the hard times

Cuprite Specimen #1

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