Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye is a black and gold crystal with a shimmering, chatoyant effect. This chatoyancy (shimmer) effect in Tiger's Eye comes from asbestos that has been replaced by Quartz over the crystals lifetime. It is another crystal that has been prized by ancient civilisations for centuries, the Egyptians believed it symbolised divine vision and so gave the statues of their gods eyes made of Tiger's Eye. It was believed to combine the power of their sun god Ra and their earth god Geb. The Romans also loved Tiger's Eye, they carried it into battle to give themselves courage and to deflect weapons. The Chinese believed Tiger's Eye would restore the balance of the Yin and Yang energies, and they linked it with their sacred animal the Tiger. Ancient cultures also used Tiger's Eye as a means to decide if someone was trustful and reliable, and it was also a popular feature in voodoo rituals.

Alternative Names Tigers Eye
Colour Gold, Yellow
Hardness 7
Crystal system Trigonal
Streak Yellow, Brown
Lustre Vitreous
Main Locations Brazil, USA, South Africa, India, Australia
Chakra Sacral, Solar Plexus
Zodiac Leo, Capricorn
Numerology 2
Planetary Sun
Element Fire, Earth