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Carnelian Tumbled Crystal
Carnelian Tumbled Crystal
Sale price£1.50
Satin Spar (Selenite) Square Charging Plate in hand
Raw Pyrite Cluster in hand
Pyrite Cluster Raw
Sale price£1.49
Carnelian Crystal Chips 50g
Carnelian Crystal Chips 50g
Sale price£1.99
6cm Satin Spar (Selenite) Mountain in hand
Satin Spar Selenite Sticks in hand
Rutilated Quartz Crystal Chips 50g
Large Apache Tear
Large Apache Tear
Sale price£4.49
Rutilated Quartz Tumbled Crystals in hand
Peach Satin Spar (Selenite) Round Bowl in hand
Satin Spar (Selenite) Sphere Stand on wooden background
Carnelian Gemchip Bracelet in hand
Carnelian Gemchip Bracelet
Sale price£2.99
Small Satin Spar (Selenite) Palmstone in hand
Peridot Crystals in Magnifier Box
50 grams of Peridot Crystal Chips in hand
Peridot Crystal Chips 50g
Sale price£1.99
Satin Spar Selenite Straight Wand in hand
Satin Spar Selenite Small Heart
Satin Spar Selenite Tapered Wand in hand
Rutilated Quartz Gemchip Bracelet in hand
Satin Spar (Selenite) Cube in hand
Satin Spar (Selenite) Cube
Sale price£8.99
Large Satin Spar (Selenite) Egg in hand
Mini Rutilated Quartz Sphere
Mini Rutilated Quartz Sphere
Sale price£4.99
Flower of Life Satin Spar Charging Plate in hand
Satin Spar (Selenite) Bowl Round 7cm in hand

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