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Rose Quartz Tumbled Crystals in hand
Rose Quartz Tumbled Crystal
Sale price£1.00
Malachite Tumbled Crystals in hand
Malachite Tumbled Crystal
Sale price£3.20
Green Aventurine Tumbled Crystals in hand
Bloodstone tumbled crystals in hand
Bloodstone Tumbled Crystal
Sale price£1.50
Aura Rose Quartz tumbled crystals in hand
Moss Agate Tumbled Crystal in hand
Moss Agate Tumbled Crystal
Sale price£1.00
Atlantisite Large Tumbled Crystal
Dragons Blood Jasper Tumbled Crystals in hand
Ruby in Zoisite tumbled crystal in hand
Raw Rose Quartz
Raw Rose Quartz Medium
Sale price£2.25
Chrysocolla tumbled crystals in hand
Chrysocolla Tumbled Crystal
Sale price£2.49
Seraphinite Tumbled Crystals in hand
Seraphinite Tumbled Crystal
Sale price£2.99
Green Calcite
Green Calcite
Sale price£1.20
Green Aventurine Raw Crystal in hand
Green Aventurine Raw Crystal
Sale priceFrom £1.00
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Kambaba Tumbled Crystal
Kambaba Tumbled Crystal
Sale price£1.50
Large Star Rose Quartz Pebble
Pink Botswana Agate tumbled crystals in hand
Preseli Bluestone Tumbled Crystals in hand
Green Kyanite Tumbled Crystals in hand
Raw Rose Quartz Small
Raw Rose Quartz Small
Sale price£1.75
Rose Quartz Gemchip Bracelet in hand
Rose Quartz Gemchip Bracelet
Sale price£2.99
Large Lepidolite and Pink Tourmaline Pebble
Amazonite Raw Crystal in hand
Amazonite Raw Crystal
Sale price£2.50

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