These White Sage & Black Sage Smudge sticks are a wonderful way to bring the cleansing properties of White Sage and Black Sage together. Each stick is approx 10cm long and has a wonderful scent. 

White Sage has been used in Native American ceremonies and rituals for cleansing for hundreds of years, helping to cleanse, purify and protect by dissipating negative energy and spirits. Many cultures use a 'smoke bath' to purify the body, aura and energies, and white sage is often the herb of choice for these. It is also used by healers, to enhance intuition and to connect to the spiritual and psychic realms (White Sage contains thujone, a mild psychoactive which helps induce these states). Burning sage can also help to relieve anxiety, stress and depression whilst boosting concentration and focus.

Black Sage is a variety of Sage native to California and Mexico. It helps to cleanse and purify along with the white variety, but it also stimulates visions and dreams, perfect if you are preparing a space for meditation.

These sage sticks are an excellent way to cleanse a room - make sure the windows are open, and you have a fireproof container. It is best to burn sage for a cleansing ritual with no other people or animals in the room if possible. Light your stick and blow it out if it catches fire, allow it to smoulder. Direct the smoke with your hand or a feather, and make sure to catch the ash in a fireproof container. When you are done with the stick, safely extinguish it. Each stick can be used multiple times if not left to burn out.

Always be careful with any naked flames and avoid flammable objects.

White Sage & Black Sage Stick

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