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Jet Tumbled Crystal

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Lovely hand selected Jet tumbled crystals. Each tumble stone is approx 20-25mm, you will receive one crystal.

Jet is actually a fossilised wood rather than a stone, formed around 180 million years ago by Araucaria tree. The most famous Jet comes from the UK, in Whitby, and was made popular by the Victorians. Whitby Jet is where the expression "jet black" originates from, due to it's intense deep black. Jet has been mined since 1400BC, for use in jewellery and as a protection stone. Jet can also become electrically charged, in a similar way to amber, by rubbing it with a soft cloth.

Jet Healing Properties include:

  • Boosting sexual energy
  • Helping to manifest wealth
  • Very strong grounded energy with calmness
  • Protection against illness, violence and witches
  • Helps relieve depression and fear


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Great stones! Just what I ordered.

Beautiful Jet

These pieces of jet are stunning and feel so beautiful with lovely vibes.
I am comforted by the fact that everything is genuine from here.

Alethia H

This is an interesting one because it is at once very much like the picture and nothing like the picture. The thing that surprised me with this piece of jet is that it has a faint rainbow sheen like oil on the surface of a puddle. It is a slightly metallic pinkish-gold color. This does not come through at all in the pictures. Given that it is faint, I'm sure it is hard to capture in a photo. Also there are a few little pits on the surface of the stone and they all have a nice flash when I turn the stone in my hands. Not what I was expecting from the picture, but all lovely things!