Bloodstone tumbled crystal

One Bloodstone Tumbled Stone. Each tumble stone is approx 20mm - 25mm.

Christian legends says that Bloodstone was formed when some of Christ's blood fell onto Jasper at the foot of the cross and stained it with red patches. Christians then prized this crystal for this reason, carving crucifixion scenes into Bloodstone. Bloodstone is also prized in India as an aphrodisiac, with fine specimens of the gem being ground into a powder for this purpose.

Bloodstone Metaphysical Properties include:
- Increase courage and vitality
- Boost creativity
- Helps with emotional centering and calming
- Calm stress and aggression
- Use at work to enhance your abilities, be more flexible
- Grounding and protective
- Revitalize love and relationships
- Banish negativity
- Stimulates dreaming
- Bringing spirituality into everyday life

Bloodstone Tumbled Crystal

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