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Tibetan Turquoise Silver Necklace #1

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Size: 15mm x 12mm


Gorgeous hand selected Tibetan Turquoise pendant set in 925 Sterling Silver. Comes with an 18 inch snake chain and a polishing cloth in a gift box.

Turquoise is a copper and aluminium crystal that is found in very dry, barren regions around the world, including Iran, USA, Mexico and Cornwall. It is very frequently faked as real Turquoise is uncommon and pricey, most often with dyed Howlite and Magnesite. This popular crystal ranges in colour from greens through to bright blues, usually with brown veining.

Its name comes from the French 'pierre turquoise', or 'Turkish Stones', referring to the fact that the first Turquoise seen in Europe probably arrived from Turkey. Turquoise is the national gemstone of Tibet and it was also highly valued by the Egyptians and Chinese.

Turquoise Healing Properties include:

  • Balance male and female energy
  • Excellent communication crystal
  • Boosts spiritual attunement
  • Improves psychic abilities
  • Strongly resonates with the Throat Chakra
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