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Specular Hematite Slice Michigan #4

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These gorgeous slices of Michigan Specular Hematite have beautiful sparkle which doesn't show so well on camera unfortunately! These have been lacquered on one side to protect the "glitter" particles coming off which is fairly common with Specular Hematite due to the crystal structure. 

Weight: 90g
Size: 97mm x 53mm

Hematite is best known as one of the main iron ores. Hematite is usually seen as a dark black/brown/reddy dull to metallic mineral, but it also is seen in a shimmering form called Specular Hematite, and a rare naturally rainbow iridescent form called Rainbow Hematite. This crystal was thought by the Romans to protect them, so the soldiers crushed it and rubbed it on their bodies when they went into battle, whilst Native Americans created war paint with it as it was believed to make them invincible.

Hematite Metaphysical Properties include:
- Promoting love and personal magnetism
- Encouraging strength and courage
- Boosts memory, mental process, thoughts and mathematics
- Strong protection crystal
- Grounding and balancing

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