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Satin Spar (Selenite) Small Palmstone

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These small white Satin Spar palm stones have a beautiful chatoyancy. Each one is approx 50mm x 40mm, and the listing is for one palmstone. Satin spar is very easily marked so handle with care. You will receive one crystal, please note as Satin Spar can vary in appearance, some with clear patches of clear Selenite growth, each one will be unique.

Please note due to the reflective nature of Satin Spar, you might see some blue or orange on the crystal - this is window and lighting reflection, these are white crystals.

Satin Spar is often mislabelled as Selenite, although they are both forms of Gypsum they appear very different. The white, fibrous cats eye effect is Satin Spar, whilst Selenite grows in large, clear plate or window forms.

Satin Spar Healing Properties include:

  • Helps overcome abuse
  • Quietens the mind
  • Protects from psychic attack
  • Aids mental clarity
  • Helps to stabilise and balance the emotions
  • Helps you connect to spirit realm
  • Helps to awaken and strengthen telepathic abilities
  • Attracts of wealth and prosperity
  • Promotes good business practise
  • Good for love and relationships
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Great quality

Picked out three of these in the showroom, they all have little clear windows in them and the way the light reflects off the surface as they are moved around in the light is so lovely.