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Saffordite #8

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Weight: 3.72g
Size: 19mm x 14mm


Saffordite natural stones that Emma and Stu self collected during their trip to Tucson in 2023! You will receive the exact Saffordite pictured, some photos are taken with a backlight.

Also known as Cintimani Stone or Arizonaite, Saffordite is a pseudo-tektite that is named after the town near which it is found in Arizona, Safford. A pseudo-tektite is an ancient form of Obsidian which has a very similar appearance to a Tektite caused by water etching over thousands of years, but it was not formed from a meteorite impact, as true Tektites are. Instead, they were formed in incredibly ancient volcanic activity, and are one of the oldest forms of Obsidian. Other pseudo-tektites include Agni Manite and Colombianite.

Saffordite Healing Properties include:

  • Has a strong fiery energy to stimulate creative endeavours
  • An excellent choice for new beginnings - careers, home or after significant life events
  • Has a strong, firm grounding energy
  • A good choice for any business practice
  • Can be used to tap into ancient information
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