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Ruby in Kyanite Sphere #1

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Weight: 775g
Size: 75mm (Approx Diameter)


Beautiful rare Ruby in Kyanite sphere from India. You will receive the exact Ruby in Kyanite crystal pictured. Choice of sphere stands available to purchase separately - browse stands.

Ruby is the name given to the red variety of the mineral Corundum, all other colours of it are given the name Sapphire. The name derives from the Latin word 'ruber', describing it's colour. It has been prized for centuries for it's colour, and many ancient civilisations valued them higher than diamonds. During the Renaissance for example, Rubies were worth 8 x Diamonds and Emeralds were 4 x Diamonds. In the mid 1800s, Sapphires and Emeralds were equal and worth less than half a diamond, whilst a larger perfect Ruby would still far exceed a Diamond of the same weight. The most desired colour of Ruby is known as Pigeons Blood, and comes from Burma – in 2015 a Burmese Ruby holding the title for the largest coloured gemstone in the world, the Sunrise Ruby, ring sold at auction for $30 million to an anonymous buyer. Other important Ruby deposits are found in Thailand, Sri Lanka and Tanzania, with the colours varying from each location.

Ruby Healing Properties include:
  • Stimulates the Base or Root Chakra
  • Increases concentration and motivation
  • Boosts desire and sexual energy
  • Increases courage
  • Very protective and shielding, especially for the home
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