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Rainbow Moonstone Crystal Chips 50g

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Lovely Rainbow Moonstone crystal chips with some colour flash. Perfect for crystal grids, candles and many other craft applications. You will receive one bag as shown in the photos, the chips shown in the hand are to show the colour, they do not represent 50g. Please note there may be a few other small crystal chips of different types in the bag due to the sorting process.

According to Hindu legend, Moonstone was formed from solidified moonbeams, and is embedded in the forehead of the god Ganesh, god of the moon. Another ancient Vedic legend says that during the battle between the gods Vishnu and Bali, when Vishnu destroyed Bali's body, it fell to earth and the different parts became gemstones - with his eyes becoming moonstone. They still regard it as an incredibly sacred stone - it was not allowed to be displayed for sale unless it was shown on a yellow cloth (a sacred colour). They have many rituals and legends surrounding it, including that if you put it in your mouth during the full moon, you would see your future.

Rainbow Moonstone Healing Properties include:
  • Promotes a happy home
  • Increased wisdom and insight
  • Helps creativity
  • Helps with change, new beginnings and endings
  • Has been used for centuries as a travellers protection stone
  • Soothing and calming for emotions and inner self
  • Keeps you calm, controls balance and brings confidence
  • Helps to combat cycles and repeated patterns
  • Boosts fertility, reproductive health
  • Helps to combat mood swings
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Customer Reviews

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Rebecca Musgrave
Beautiful Bunch

These chips are truly beautiful. Nice amount for price as well

Moonstone chips

Lovely little handful of moonstone chips, great for plant pots, or stabilising your Quartz points into a crystal aquarium.