Beautiful polished pyrite sphere, with glistening cubic crystals revealed inside natural pockets. Reveal a different look and micro word inside the sphere with each rotation, as the variation in surface gives endless interest as a display piece. Stand not included, available for purchase here.

Weight: 365g
Size: 60mm

Pyrite is commonly known as Fool’s Gold, due to its metallic brassy colour. It gets its name from the Greek Pyr, which means fire; due to the fact that it emits sparks when struck by iron. For this reason, it has been used since ancient times as a firestarting crystal. It has also been popular in jewellery for thousands of years due to it’s pretty golden appearance. Pyrite can be found in a few different crystal forms, multisided golden clusters commonly called Chispas, flat crystal forms called Pyrite Suns, and beautiful golden cubes most commonly found in Navajun, Spain.

Pyrite Metaphysical Properties include:
- Helping to ward off negativity and physical danger
- Stimulates intellect and memory
- Promotes leadership
- A strong protection stone
- Combats pollution and noisy neighbours
- Stimulates creativity in arts, science, maths
- Increases ambition and commitment

Pyrite Sphere #1

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