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Pink Opal Tower

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Pink Opal crystal towers, these come in a gorgeous variety of soft pink and white shades and patterns. You will receive one Pink Opal Tower, an example of the colours and patterns are shown in the photos.

Size: between 80 - 90mm tall

Opal is technically not a crystal as it does not have a defined crystal structure. The colour comes from the tiny Silica spheres that make up the crystal, and they have to be arranged in a certain way and be a certain size to create the colour flashes. There are two main categories of Opal, common and precious.

Common opal comes in a variety of colours such as greens, pinks, blues and white but does not display any flash or 'fire'. Precious Opal is typically black or white and is graded on the colour flash displayed. The most desired precious Opal comes from Australia and can fetch thousands of dollars per carat, whilst other famous localities include Ethiopian Welo Opal, Oregon, Mexico and Virgin Valley.

Pink Opal Healing Properties include:

  • Helps attract love
  • Aids in breaking old, destructive patterns
  • Helps to ground and centre
  • Connects to the Heart Chakra
  • A very supportive crystal
  • Brings positivity
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Ania Lewis
Stunning 😍

So beautiful, the product is lovely, will purchase again and tell friends & family.