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Noreena Jasper Slab #4

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This gorgeous Noreena Jasper Slab is polished on one side, and has a stunning colour combination of creams, reds and yellows. You will receive the exact item pictured.

Weight: 282g
Size: 110mm x 60mm

This crystal derives its name from the Noreena Downs Station, the cattle station near which it was discovered. Noreena Jasper is prized for its rich reddish-brown, golden yellow, and soft pastel grey hues, often displaying captivating swirls, bands, and intricate patterns that resemble picturesque landscapes or abstract art. It is estimated to be a staggering 2765 - 2687 million years old as part of the Jeerinah Formation. Despite it's name, it is not a true Jasper, instead it is a silicified pelite/mudstone. 

Noreena Jasper Metaphysical Properties include:
- Boosts endurance and stimulates willpower
- Helps to narrow your focus and work towards completing your objectives
- Grounds you and keeps you centred in the moment
- Encourages you to step outside your comfort zones to take on new challenges
- Provides a boost of optimism

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