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Namibia 'Citrine' Crystals 20g

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This very unusually naturally heated Amethyst or 'Citrine' is from a small find in Namibia. For more information about this, read on - we don't normally stock heated Citrine, however this is a natural find that has not been treated by man! You will receive one 20g bag of Citrine crystals, the photos show an example of 20g, the size and shape of pieces will vary.

This find from Namibia is an incredibly unusual one. Whereas most heated 'citrine' that comes from baking Amethyst until the iron in the crystals changes oxidation state and turns orange is done after the crystal has been extracted (this is common practice in Brazil with Amethyst geodes), in this case the Amethyst has naturally been heated by geothermal activity whilst the crystal was still in the ground. This can be seen in the case of a few rarer examples where the bottom half of a crystal is orange, having grown and then been heated and turned orange, whereas the top section is purple where it has carried on growing later on. The last photo on this listing shows the right hand naturally heated Namibia 

Citrine Healing Properties include:

  • Boosting self confidence
  • Restoring a sense of individuality
  • Boosting mental stimulation
  • Increases Initiative.
  • Gets rid of emotional toxins
  • Dispels negativity, with it's warm and optimistic
  • Helps to sell house if displayed.
  • Known as The Merchants Stone – helps attract abundance and wealth
  • Improves decision making, learning, teaching and studying
  • Good for relationships and new beginnings
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