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Mosasaur Tooth

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Mosasaur tooth specimen from Morocco. This listing is for one tooth, please choose your preferred size option from the drop down.

Please note these are real fossils of teeth that were once used for eating, then have been underground for millions of years, so have some worn areas, small cracks and chips in places. They aren't perfect resin replicas.

Weight: 15 - 30g (varies by size)

Mosasaurs were a group of large aquatic reptiles, with around 40 different species making up the group, related to monitor lizards and snakes. They weren't dinosaurs, however they lived alongside dinosaurs throughout the Cretaceous period from 145.5 to 65.5 million years ago. The name Mosasaur (Pronounced Moh-Suh-Sawr) is derived from the name of the river, the Meuse, where they were first described, and Saurus, meaning lizard in Greek, though fossils of the magnificent beasts have been found all over the world, on almost every continent.

Although they were first formally described in Holland in 1974, there is evidence of native Americans having found their fossil remains long before, and once believed them to belong to mythological water monsters they called Unktehila.

Mosasaurs varied greatly in size, with some smaller species only 3ft long, whilst the largest discovered, a Tylosaurus, measures in at a whopping 50ft. This is roughly half the size of the main aquatic attraction in the Jurassic World film, though it does look impressive in the movie! These aquatic lizards had a varied diet, and it would seem they ate pretty much anything they could get into their mouths, with everything from Ammonites, Turtles, bony fish, sea birds, and Plesiosaurs having been found inside their fossilized stomachs. That wouldn't have been a problem for these snake lie creatures, as they could widen their jaws, much like modern snakes, to accommodate larger prey, and with two sets of teeth on their upper jaw it would be hard to escape there grasp when they closed their powerful jaws closed.

Mosasaurs were powerful swimmers, with sleek bodies, flippers for hands, and a long tail with a fin to propel it through the water, Which all combined allowed it to raise through the ranks and evolve to become an apex predator of the ocean up until the mass extinction event that wiped out the dinosaurs.

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Lovely fossil

Lovely fossil. All the striations and other surface textures are a great reminder that this tooth saw action in a Mosasaur’s mouth tens of millions of years ago - a mind-blowing thought.


Beautiful fossilised tooth, great quality. A great addition to any collection