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Minnesota Pipestone Tumbled Crystal

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Soft red Minnesota Pipestone tumbled crystals from the USA. You will receive one crystal, each one is between 20 - 30mm across.

Pipestone, also known as Red Catlinite, is a type of red clay that has been used by Native Americans to make pipes and totems, hence the name. It can be found in various sites across the USA, most famously Minnesota in Pipestone County. It is sacred to the Native Americans and as such should be treated with respect. The red colour in Pipestone comes from high levels of iron from the Hematite within the clay.

Minnesota Pipestone Healing Properties include:

  • Encourages deep self reflection
  • Helps us to accept things we dislike about ourselves
  • Helps us to make peace with others
  • Aids in releasing built up anger and resentment to help us move forward
  • Encourages us to learn from, but move on from past mistakes and hurt
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Customer Reviews

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Absolutely love this store, Minnesota Pipestone Tumbled stone!! Need I say more?!?

Ashleigh Fisher
Lovely crystal

Lovely coloured crystal fits perfectly in my collection