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Marcasite & Pyrite Specimen - Peru #13

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This very unusual bladed Marcasite Specimen is scattered with small cubic Pyrite crystals. These wonderful specimens are from a small new find in Peru that we purchased directly from the source at the Tucson Gem Show this year. You will receive the exact item pictured. 

Weight: 28g
Size: 40mm x 31mm

Marcasite is a polymorph of Pyrite, meaning has the same chemical formula as Pyrite, but a different crystal structure. In the jewellery trade Pyrite used in jewellery is sometimes known as Marcasite, and this is different to the mineral Marcasite.

Marcasite Metaphysical Properties include:
- Helps to connect with the Spirit realm
- Strongly grounding
- Helps to remove unwanted energies
- Provides a balance across all planes
- Boosts courage and willpower

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