This beautiful example of polished Malachite has been hand picked for it's wonderful swirling patterns and texture. You will receive the exact crystal shown in the photos. 

Weight: 90g
Size: 75mm x 38mm

Malachite was well loved by the Egyptians - they used it extensively in jewellery and carvings. It is even mentioned in their hieroglyphs as being essential to their gods. It has been prized by other civilisations for its beauty as a an ornamental gemstones - the Russians even used Malachite to create the columns of a cathedral in St Petersburg! It’s green colouring comes from it’s strong copper content, always wash your hands after handling.

Malachite Properties include:
- Attracting prosperity and money luck
- Stimulating sensual appreciation.
- Helping to heal past hurt.
- Stimulates healing dreams and reveals subconscious yearning
- Aids dream interpretation
- Promotes endurance
- Relieves depression and manic depression
- Helps protect travellers from accidents
- Helps with fear of flying

Malachite Polished Freeform #6

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