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Kunzite A Grade Tumbled Crystal

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Top quality Kunzite hand selected tumbled crystals with incredible colour. You will receive one Kunzite tumbled crystal, each one is approx 18 - 25mm across, please note due to the nature of raw Kunzite, these are irregular shaped tumbles.

Kunzite is the pink gem variety of Spodumene discovered in 1902, and was named after the Tiffany & Co mineralogist George Kunz. The pink colouring comes from the presence of Manganese in the crystal, and it’s found in variety of lilac to deep pink shades, though it will fade in the sun. Hiddenite is the name given to the green variety of Spodumene.

Kunzite Healing Properties include:

  • Known as the Women's Stone, for helping mothers with their children
  • Aids sleep for restless children
  • Attracts peace and harmony
  • Helps to focus when needed
  • Boosts confidence in social situations
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    Pretty Pink Kunzite

    This is a high quality piece of kunzite with strong pink colour and a lovely chatoyant effect.