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Halite & Trona Cluster California #9

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Lovely Halite crystals with Trona from California, this cluster is sensitive to damp and humid environments so keep dry. You will receive the exact specimen pictured.

Weight: 78g
Size: 80mm x 54mm

Halite is the proper name for Rock Salt, and is found in a variety of colours. Pink Himalayan Halite is often seen, and is the type of Halite used in salt lamps. Blue and purple cubic specimens are highly valued by collectors, and some excellent crystal formations can be seen in London’s Natural History Museum. Salt was so important in history that some cultures even used it as currency and it was a valuable trade commodity.

Halite Metaphysical Properties include:
- Boosting endurance and stamina
- Helps reduce mood swings
- Aids in regaining balance when you have been affected by other people's energies

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