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Druzy Dioptase, Chrysolla Malachite - Chile #4

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These unusual specimens we bought from Tucson were originally labelled as druzy Malachite, but the majority of the acicular green crystals on these specimens appears to actually be Dioptase. There is Malachite present in small amounts on some specimens, and there is also beautiful bright blue Chrysocolla present on most of them. You will receive the exact crystal pictured.

Weight: 14g
Size: 35mm x 28mm

Dioptase is a crystal which very rarely grows larger than 0.75cm in size, and was originally mistaken for Emeralds by early miners. It has been loved for it's stunning bright blue-green colour for millenia, and has even been found on a statue dating back to 7200BC.

Dioptase Healing Properties include:
  • Helps to deal with anger
  • Aids in bringing joy back into your life
  • Useful in past life work
  • Helps to connect with your true self
  • Aids with forgiveness
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