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Campo del Cielo Meteorite #8

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Weight: 17.4g
Size: 26mm x 17mm


This Campo del Cielo Meteorite specimen from Argentina comes in a display box with an information card. You will receive the exact meteorite specimen pictured.

Please note, that as this is an iron specimen, it is liable to slight rusting over time, but a light coating of mineral oil can be applied occasionally to avoid the oxidation happening, this will come lightly oiled to protect the specimen.

The Campo Del Cielo Meteorites are found in a large area in Argentina, and the name Campo Del Cielo means 'field of the heavens'Â or 'field of sky', in reference to the meteorites scattered over the area.

A meteorite is the remainder of an impact from a meteor after it has hit Earth. Most meteorites burn up when they enter Earth's atmosphere, but a small number do make it through. Most meteorites are Iron based, with some such as the Nantan Meteorite being a mixture of Iron and Nickel, whereas Pallasite Meteorites have Olivine crystals within the matrix that look very attractive when slicedand polished.

Meteorite Healing Properites include:

  • Helps to clear the mind and let go
  • Provides emotional support and helps you find balance
  • Enhances focus
  • Aids with coping with changes
  • Opens your mind to new ideas and possibilities
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