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Burtree Slits Fluorite Specimen #10

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This unusual specimen of Fluorite is from Burtree Slits, Weardale, UK. You will receive the exact crystal pictured.

Weight: 160g
Size: 82mm x 48mm

Burtree Slits is an unusual Fluorite locality in the North East of England in Stanhope, the famous colour change Fluorite area where the Diana Maria and Rogerly Mines are. Twinning is frequent in these crystals, and they display a subtle pink - purple lavender colour fluorescence in daylight, through an electric deep purple when the cubes are a darker brown-black shade. Burtree Slits is also known as the old Queensberry Ironstone workings.

Fluorite comes in a huge variety of colours, from striking blues, greens, pinks and purples, to softer clear and yellow shades. The UK has two famous Fluorite deposits, Blue John Fluorite in Derbyshire is the only place in the world this blue, purple and yellow banded Fluorite is found; and Weardale in County Durham produces stunning green fluorescent cubic Fluorite. The largest ever Fluorite cube was found in Russia, it weighed 16 tonnes and was 2.12 meters wide. The ancient Egyptians and Chinese carved Fluorite into decorative objects, but it was too soft to be used in jewellery.

Fluorite Healing Properties include:

  • excellent for studying and focus
  • a good grounding crystal
  • helps deal with complex issues
  • helps with spiritual awakening
  • aids psychic protection
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