Blue Tigers Eye tumble - Hawks Eye

These Blue Tigers Eye (also known as Hawks Eye) Tumbled Stones. Each tumble is approx 20mm - 25mm.

The chatoyancy (shimmer) effect in Tigers Eye comes from asbestos that has been replaced by Quartz in the crystals life. It is another crystal that has been prized by ancient civilisations for centuries, the Egyptians believed it symbolised divine vision and so gave the statues of their gods eyes made of Tigers Eye. It was believed to combine the power of their sun god Ra and their earth god Geb. The Romans also loved Tigers Eye, they carried it into battle to give themselves courage and to deflect weapons.

Blue Tigers Eye Metaphysical Properties include:
- Can help to overcome a fear of flying
- Aids in focusing on tasks and projects
- Helps to protect travellers
- Protects against negative energy


Blue Tigers Eye Tumbled Crystal - Hawks Eye

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