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Blue Rose Quartz Palm Stone

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Beautiful soft coloured Blue Rose Quartz flat palmstones, a new find from Madagascar. You will receive Blue Rose Quartz palm stone, each one is approx 38mm - 45mm across.

Blue Rose Quartz is a new find from Madagascar, and the base colour of the Quartz varies from a deep pink, to a pale Girasol shade. It is a stunning find that exhibits a blue 'glow' in sunlight and a soft yellow when backlit, and after much speculation, testing by Little Lemuria showed tiny Dumortierite fibres with Titanium and Iron content are in fact what gives the crystal its beautiful blue hue.

Blue Rose Quartz Healing Properties include:

  • Harmonises the intellect with the emotions
  • Connects to the spiritual plane
  • Soothes and calms stress and tension
  • Has a soft, gentle loving vibration
  • Opens up the Heart Chakra
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