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Blue Quartz | Dumortierite in Quartz Palm Stone

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Dumortierite in Quartz palmstones, also known as Blue Quartz or Blue Aventurine. These have a lovely blue colour, often with darker veins running through the palm stone. You will receive one Dumortierite palmstone, 40 - 50mm across in size, the photos show an example of some of the ones we have available, some are veiny, others are a softer solid blue.

Dumortierite grows as a blue inclusion in Quartz, sometimes with a defined stringy pattern in the crystal. Rare specimens show clearly defined needles of Dumortierite growing through the crystal and are highly desirable.

Dumortierite Healing Properties include:

  • Increasing your intellectual abilities
  • Helps you to be more patient
  • Boost your self esteem and courage
  • Balances the Throat Chakra
  • Aids communication with your spirit guides
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