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Blue Apatite in Feldspar Tumbled Crystal

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Beautiful and unusual Blue Apatite in Feldspar tumbles, each one has been hand selected. You will receive one crystal, each one is approx 20-25mm. Please bear in mind due to the nature of the crystal, this has a lower polish and rougher 'feel' than other highly polished tumbles.

Apatite is a crystal usually seen in shades of yellow, green and blue, with the 'neon' varieties being the most popular. It is easily mistaken for tourmaline and beryl, hence it takes it name from Greek mythology, where Apate was the personification of deceit and deception. Blue Apatite is the most popular of the Apatite colours, with the most striking blue colours being found in Madagascar. Transparent gems are faceted and highly desired by collectors, as they are too soft to be worn in jewellery with a hardness of only 5.

Blue Apatite Healing Properties include:
  • Helping manifestation and deepens meditation
  • Improve the connection between past and future lives
  • Develop psychic gifts and spiritual attunement
  • Increases motivation
  • Aids communication and self expression
  • Stimulates creativity and the intellect
  • Helps with openness and social ease
  • Helps hyperactivity and autistic children
  • Expands knowledge and truth
  • Eases sorrow, apathy and anger
  • Reduces irritability and emotional exhaustion
  • Clears frustration
  • Connects to high level of spiritual guidance
  • Helps with public speaking
  • Enhances group communication
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Love the colours true to reality, not worked with the Crystal yet but looking forward to doing so.
Picture and colours true to item in life, thank you x

Holly-Louise Hill

Beautiful and unique stone with such an array of tones of blue! Highly recommend!


Stunning tumble stone, beautiful and vibrant colors and amazing quality. Great value for the price, Emma and Stu are so gifted to pick the most beautiful pieces