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Tanzania Sunstone Mini Sphere

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These gorgeous mini spheres are a high grade Sunstone that has a mostly black or orange base, with blue or silver shimmer contrasting with golden highlights, no two are the same! You will receive one Tanzania Sunstone sphere in the size of your choice.

What is also exciting about this potassium rich feldspar is that on the opposite face of the crystal to the coppery shimmer you can sometimes catch a blue-silver shimmer, similar to that of black Moonstone from Madagascar. These are often more pronounced on the darker black bodied crystals. The seam from which these are mined transitions in colour, going through greys, blacks and golden shades, meaning no two pieces are exactly the same.

Tanzania Sunstone Metaphysical Properties include:
- Strong regenerative energy
- Aids in leadership and organisation
- Powerfully grounding and stabilising
- Helps to brighten your outlook
- Aligns the Chakras

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