Aura Rose Quartz Tumbled Crystal

Beautiful soft pink Aura Rose Quartz tumbles, this listing is for one crystal. Each piece is approx 20mm - 30mm.

Aura crystals are natural crystals that have been bonded with precious metals to get the outer aura colour and flash.

Rose Quartz Metaphysical Properties include:
- Promoting self healing and self love.
- Known as the Stone of unconditional and universal love
- Creating a calm atmosphere, dispelling negativity
- Fortifies relationships.
- A beauty stone – it is said that adding it to your bath will improve your complexion.
- Increases fertility and helps prevent miscarriage
- Provides leukaemia support
- Comforting in times of grief
- Encourages self forgiveness, self trustand self worth
- Stimulates creativity and imagination, writing, music and art
- Promotes forgiveness
- Enhances female energy and qualities
- Soothes crisis, phobias, anger, tension, stress, guilt, fear, jealousy, inadequacy, resentment

Aura Rose Quartz Tumbled Crystal

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