These beautiful, hand picked Astrophyllite specimens are lovely examples of this rare mineral in matrix. They have strong crystal lines and great colour, you will receive the exact crystal shown above.

Weight: 66g
Size: 62mm x 42mm

Astrophyllite only occurs in a few remote locations in the world, including Mont St Hilaire in Canada, Pikes Peak in Colorado and Greenland. It's habit of growing in star-like formations is how it got it's name - "Astron" and ""Phyllon", both Greek words, mean "Star" and "Leaf" respectively.

Astrophyllite Metaphysical Properties include:
- Strong illuminating energy
- Helps you come to terms with things in your past and move forward in life
- Encourages self love and self worth
- Promotes tranquility and honesty

Astrophyllite Specimen 2

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