This lovely, hand picked large Astrophyllite specimen from Yukspour Mountain in Russia has lots of golden brown Astrophyllite crystals in matrix. You will receive the exact crystal shown.

Weight: 171g
Size: 90mm x 55mm

Astrophyllite only occurs in a few remote locations in the world, including Mont St Hilaire in Canada, Pikes Peak in Colorado and Greenland. It's habit of growing in star-like formations is how it got it's name - "Astron" and ""Phyllon", both Greek words, mean "Star" and "Leaf" respectively.

Astrophyllite Metaphysical Properties include:
- Strong illuminating energy
- Helps you come to terms with things in your past and move forward in life
- Encourages self love and self worth
- Promotes tranquility and honesty

Astrophyllite Specimen #2

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