Aragonite Sputnik

These small Aragonite Sputnik clusters are completely natural, and are each unique. They come in shades ranging from brown, to red, and some even have some unusual whiter parts. This listing is for one crystal, each one is approx 25-30mm across.

Aragonite has the same chemical composition as Calcite, but it crystallises in a different way. It was named after the Spanish province and River of Aragon in Spain, where it was discovered in the late 18th Century. It comes in a variety of forms, perhaps the best known is the small red “Sputnik” variety, although it also grows in a formation called “floss ferri” or Iron Flower, with intricate white, branch-like crystals.

Aragonite Properties include:
- Strongly grounding and stabilising
- Encourages recycling and conservation
- Helps to clear blockages and recognise reality
- Helps to diffuse tension and difficult situations
- Boosts courage and resolve


Aragonite Sputnik

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