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Aragonite Slice Specimen Spain #12

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These unusual Aragonite Slices are cut from larger crystals found in Spain. You will receive the exact crystal shown in a display box.

Size: 27mm x 20mm

Aragonite is has the same chemical composition as Calcite, but it crystallises in a different way. It was named after the Spanish province and River of Aragon in Spain, where it was discovered in the late 18th Century. It comes in a variety of forms, perhaps the best known is the small red “Sputnik” variety, although it also grows in a formation called “floss ferri” or Iron Flower, with intricate white, branch-like crystals.

Aragonite Metaphysical Properties include:
- Strongly grounding and stabilising
- Encourages recycling and conservation
- Helps to clear blockages and recognise reality
- Helps to diffuse tension and difficult situations
- Boosts courage and resolve
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