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Hypersthene Tumbled Crystal

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Beautiful rare hand selected flashy Hypersthene tumbles. You will receive one tumble, each one is approx 20-25mm.

Hypersthene is often called Velvet Labradorite, but is in fact more closely related to Bronzite. Fine specimens of Hypersthene display a metallic schiller, in either linear stripes or a soft "velvet" pattern, which is where the Velvet Labradorite name comes from. It is found all over the world in lower, non-gem quality grades, but good specimens can be found in New York and Labrador, Canada.

Hypersthene Healing Properties include:

  • helping to stimulate psychic gifts
  • boosting clairvoyance
  • it resonates well with the highly spiritual chakras
  • can help you find the answer to important questions
  • helps to soothe and relieve stresses
  • has a gentle and calming energy
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