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A Grade African Sunstone Tumbled Crystal

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Top Quality Sunstone tumbled stones from Africa, and each one has been hand selected for it's beautiful flashes. You will receive one Sunstone crystal in the size of your choice.

The name Sunstone refers to a few different varieties, each one displaying beautiful copper flashes. The most commonly seen one is a peachy cream base crystal with copper flashes in, but a variety from Oregon is much clearer, with beautiful copper shimmer. Another type, known as Rainbow Lattice Sunstone, has beautiful lattice patterns reflecting from inside.

Sunstone Healing Properties include:

  • Promotes leadership abilities
  • Helps relieve SAD disorder
  • Inspires clear thinking, warmth and strength to help stress
  • Boosts vitality and longevity
  • Attracts abundance
  • Provides protection from evil spirits
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Customer Reviews

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Very shiny and pretty.

Alethia H
Rainbow Sparkle

The thing that doesn't show up in the photo is that the sparkles in this stone have different colors to them. While a silvery peach color is in the majority, there are reddish and greenish sparkles, giving the many sparkles within a subtle rainbow effect. Wonderful!