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Larvikite Tumbled Crystal

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Larvikite tumbled crystals, each one has been hand selected and has some lovely silvery flash. You will receive one tumble, each one is approx 20-25mm.

Larvikite is a feldspar containing igneous rock named after Larvik in Norway, where it is found. It's often referred to as Black Moonstone or Labradorite, but these are different crystals. It has a similar flash to Labradorite, but is more silver-grey.

Larvikite Healing Properties include:

  • Protective and grounding
  • Dispels negative energy
  • Focuses the mind during meditation
  • Helps to enhance psychic abilities
  • Boosts the intellect
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Customer Reviews

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Great Quality

Gorgeous Larvikite tumble. As always with the Citrine Circle, a lovely crystal that is what it says it is, at a good price. Love that the team at the Citrine Circle really know their crystals and minerals and are happy to answer any questions I may have, as well as providing educational blogs and videos alongside their amazing, award winning app, all of which means I can be confident I’m getting authentic pieces every time (and usually I know the source location).