Cinnabar is also known as Cinnabrite, mostly in metaphysical circles, and comes from a number of locations including Peru, Mexico and China. The name Cinnabar comes from the Persian 'zinjifrah' which is thought to translate loosely to 'Dragon's Blood'. It has been mined as a Mercury ore for thousands of years, since the Romans. Cinnabar is an ore of Mercury, so should be handled with care, and you should always wash your hands after use to be safe. Although in this form Cinnabar actually poses little threat, even if entered the body it would pass through without being altered, due to its low bioavailability.

Alternative Names Cinnabrite, Cinabrite, Cinnazez
Colour Red, Pink
Hardness 2 - 2.5
Crystal system Trigonal
Streak Red, Brown, Scarlet
Lustre Metallic
Main Locations China, Europe, Japan, South America
Chakra Root
Zodiac Leo
Numerology 8
Planetary Mercury
Element Water, Air