Natural Citrine Tumbled Stone. You will receive one crystal, each tumble stone is approx 15mm- 20mm or 20mm - 25mm, choose in the drop down menu.

This is natural Citrine, not heat treated amethyst as you see often wrongly labelled as natural citrine. Natural Citrine is more green/grey in colour, as opposed to the bright yellow/orange stones that are in fact "cooked" amethyst.

Natural Citrine Metaphysical Properties include:
- Boosting self confidence
- Restoring a sense of individuality
- Boosting mental stimulation
- Increases Initiative.
- Gets rid of emotional toxins
- Dispels negativity, with it's warm and optimistic
- Helps to sell house if displayed.
- Known as The Merchants Stone – helps attract abundance and wealth
- Improves decision making, learning, teaching and studying
- Good for relationships and new beginnings

Citrine Tumble - Unheated

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