Natural Citrine Tumbled Stone from Africa. You will receive one crystal, choose the size in the drop down menu.

This is natural Citrine, not heat treated amethyst as you see often wrongly labelled as natural citrine. Natural Citrine is more green/grey in colour, as opposed to the bright yellow/orange stones that are in fact "cooked" amethyst.

Natural Citrine Metaphysical Properties include:
- Boosting self confidence
- Restoring a sense of individuality
- Boosting mental stimulation
- Increases Initiative.
- Gets rid of emotional toxins
- Dispels negativity, with it's warm and optimistic
- Helps to sell house if displayed.
- Known as The Merchants Stone – helps attract abundance and wealth
- Improves decision making, learning, teaching and studying
- Good for relationships and new beginnings

Natural Citrine Tumble - Unheated

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