Gorgeous hand selected Tiffany Stone tumbled crystals with swirling patterns of purple and white. Each tumble is approx 15-25mm.

Tiffany Stone is a trade name given to a purple, blue and white crystal. It is made up of mostly Fluorite, with Quartz, Opal and Chalcedony along with other minerals in small quantities. Not much Tiffany Stone is seen because the only mine it is found in crushes it and uses it to produce Beryllium. New material coming from China known as Silky Fluorite may also be sold as Tiffany Stone, but it has a different colour range and comes from a different location.

Tiffany Stone Metaphysical Properties include:
- Helps develop psychic abilities
- Can help boost sex drive
- Connects with the higher chakras
- Brings feelings of unconditional love
- Very high vibration

Tiffany Stone A Grade Tumbled Crystal

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