This large chunk of raw Thulite from Leksvik Thulite Quarry in Leksvik, Norway is a beautiful deep pink colour. You will receive the exact crystal in the photos.

Weight: 149g
Size: 74mm x 59mm

Thulite is a pink variety of Zoisite, a mineral which also appears in deep blue as the more well known crystal Tanzanite. It takes it's name from the mythical realm of Thule, which is thought to have been associated with Norway, where this crystal was first found. It's colour comes from the inclusion of Manganese.

Thulite Metaphysical Properties include:
- Helps to overcome shyness
- Aids with public speaking
- Strong resonance with the Heart Chakra
- Brings passion and joy to life
- Helps to ease tensions

Thulite Specimen #2

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